“Poetry can safeguard the spirit in times of war and plague and societal strife. It has the power to transcend and to create a communal voice, a sense of universal understanding.”

- Walter Holland, A Poetry of Crisis, A Poetry of Witness -

Published Poems

May, 2021. "Poland." "Geographies of Justice." About Place Journal. Vol. VI, Issue III.

March, 29, 2021. "The Merchant of Grief" A&U: America's AIDS Magazine. Positively Literary. Online. 

March 10, 2021. "Plague Years." A&U: America's AIDS Magazine. Positively Literary. Online. 

February, 2021. "Proust Redux," "For Luis Nunez,""My Life in Fashion (As it Were),""The Doctor," "Ode to Dawn Wells." Exquisite Pandemic .

December, 2020. "A Meditation Reaching 67." Exquisite Pandemic.

December, 2020. "What it is to Be a Talker to Ghosts?" HIV Here  and Now: Poems for AIDS Awareness Month, December 3, 2020.

November 2020. "Three Loves," "Pulse," "Gay New York." Cutbank Literary Journal. All Accounts & Mixtures Feature.

October, 2020. "Bar on 52nd," "1619, The White Lion, Point Comfort, Va." About Place Journal. Vol. VI. Issue II.

June, 2020. "Halston." "Egyptian." Mollyhouse. Issue One. Edited by Raymond Luczak. Squares & Rebels, Minneapolis, MN. 

Winter, February, 2020. "Symphony." The Decadent Review.

Winter 2019/20. "For William Matthews." Poetrybay.                

December, 2019. "Not someone that I knew." "Hospital." A Day Without Art: 30th Anniversary Special Edition, December 1, 2019.  Pandemonium Press. 

September, 2019. "Midnight Cowboy, X Rating." ImageOutWrite. Vol. 8. 

Summer, 2019. "Fanning the Flames." RFD: Direct Action/Stonewall 50. Vol. 45, No. 4, Issue 178.

Fall, 2019. "For Doris Day." Impossible Archetype: A Journal of LGBTQ + POETRY. Issue 6.

January, 2019. "Cryptocracy." What Rough Beast. Indolent Books. Poem for January 24,2019. 

January, 2019. "What Say You?" What Rough Beast. Indolent Books. Poem for July 25, 2018.


January, 2019. "Dismemberment." What Rough Beast. Indolent Books. Poem for July 18, 2018.

January, 2019. "Taking Cover." What Rough Beast. Indolent Books. Poem for July 11, 2018.

October, 2018. "Dybbuks." What Rough Beast. Indolent Books.   

October, 2018. "The truth is a form of resistance." What Rough Beast. Indolent Books. 

Summer, 2018. "Calle Pelayo." Poem. Chelsea Station Magazine.

Winter, 2018. "The Shore," "The Chinese Pillows." Cimarron Review. Issue 202.


May, 2017. "Imagine My Body." Poem. The Good Men Project. Read here.

May, 2017. "Hermit Cake." Poem. About Place Journal. Vol.IV. Issue III. Read here.


January, 2017. "The Ship of State." Poem. Transition: Poems in the Aftermath. Indolent Books. Read here.


March, 2015. “Camden.” Poem. Chelsea Station Magazine. Read here.


March, 2014. “The Boy in the Middle.” Poem. Chelsea Station Magazine. Read here.

March, 2014. "Approaching Sixty" Chelsea Station Magazine. Read here.


March, 2014. “Physique.” Poem. Chelsea Station Magazine. Read here.

March, 2011. "Swimming." Poem. COME HEAR! No. 5. 

Spring, 2010. "the walkways." Poem. Mary: A Literary Quarterly for Homosexuals.

Winter, 2008. “The Beat Hotel.” Poem. Van Gogh’s Ear. Details.


Summer, 2007. Windy City Times: Annual Literary Supplement. Poem: ”Did You Know?” Read here.


Fall, 2005. BLOOM. Vol.2, No.2. Poem: “Freud’s Trunk.”


Spring, 2005. Cream City Review. Vol. 29.2. Poem: “World AIDS Day, 2003.”


Spring, 2005. Redivider. Poem: “Three Reality Shows.”


Summer, 2005. Apalachee Review. #55. Poem. “The Architecture of Living.”p.33.


Fall, 2004. Pegasus. Poem. “Sammy Davis.”


Fall, 2004. The Antioch Review. Vol. 62, No. 4. Poem. “Why I Am Not in the Ice Capades.”


2004. Rhino. Poem: “Ed White.”


Fall, 2004. Chiron Review.  Poems: “For Alan Dugan and Edward Field,” “Eileen at Fifty,” “Patrick and Lynn.”


April 18-24, 2002. Provincetown Magazine. Vol. 25. Issue #3. Poems: “Spring in New York,” “Mount   Fuji.” p. 30.


January-February, 2002. The Gay & Lesbian Review Worldwide. Vol. VIII, No. 6. Poetry. “Steven at 50.” p. 44.


Summer, 2001. Bay Windows. Poetry. “Von Gloeden”


Spring, 2001. The William and Mary Review. Vol. 39. Poetry. “Mount Fuji.”


Spring, 2001. Barrow Street. Poetry. “The Visible Man.”


April 2001. Unimagineable Grief, Unexpected Joy: AIDS in Poetry. The Body.com. Poetry. "Prescriptions." Read here.


August, 2000. Bay Windows. Vol.18, No. 34. Poetry. “Boys at Play.” p. 11.


December, 1999. Bay Windows. Vol. 17, No. 50.  Poetry. “Atavan.”  P. 11.


September, 1999. Body Positive. Vol. XII. No. 9. Poetry.  “The Drag Performance.”p. 14.


September, 1999. Provincetown Magazine. Vol. 18. No. 26. Poetry. “Mount Fuji,” “Smith Mountain, 1969,” and “Pinned.” P. 34.


Summer, 1999. The James White Review. Vol. 16. No. 3. Poetry.“The International,” and “Chartres.” p. 41.


Fall, 1998. Barrow Street. Vol. 1. No. 1. Poetry. “Boulevard Haussmann.” p. 41.


July, 1998. Bay Windows. Vol. 16, No. 32. Poetry. “First Tea.” p.34.


July, 1998. Body Positive. Vol. XI, No. 7. Poetry. “Dinner, Ulster County 1995.” p. 28.


Spring, 1998. "9 Muses," "Mykonos," "The Shower at Night," "Santorini, 1997," and "Big Sur." The Archive. Leslie Lohman Museum of Gay and Lesbian Art.

October 16, 1997. Bay Windows. Vol. 15, No. 43. Poetry. “The Wrinkle Bar.” p. 39.


September 11, 1997. Bay Windows. Vol.15, No.38. Poetry. “Reprieve.” p. 45.


August 7-August 13,1997. Bay Windows. Vol.15,No.33. Poetry. “Thanksgiving,” p. 30.


Spring/Summer, 1997. The James White Review. Issue 52, Vol.14, no.2. Poetry. “The Tar Pits, L.A.” p.11.


Spring,1997. The Harvard Gay & Lesbian Review. Vol. IV, No.2. Poetry. “Paul.” p.42.


July 25 - July 31,1996. Bay Windows. Vol.14, No. 31. Poetry. “Desert Palms.”


Fall, 1996. The Harvard Gay & Lesbian Review. Vol. III, No. 4. Poetry. “The Unveiling (For Hennie Frey).” p.21.


Summer, 1996. The James White Review. Issue 48 (vol.13, no. 3). Poetry. “Julius’ 1980.”


March, 1996. Men’s Style magazine. Poetry: “Sheet Lightning,”p.92.


Spring/ Summer, 1995. The James White Review. Vol.12/No.2.Poetry: “Lisbon, Oct.1994,” “For Stan Leventhal,” pp.16-17.


Spring,1994. Found Object. Issue 3. Poems: “Mornings After Sargent,”  “The Lost Diva,”  “At the Morning Party,”pp. 61-63. 


April 22, 1993. Bay Windows. Poem. “Gay Rights March, 1987.”p.25.


September/October, 1992. Art and Understanding: The International Magazine of Literature & Art About AIDS. Vol. 1, No. 5. , Albany, N.Y.. Poems included: “Easter in Washington,” “The Road to Emmaus,” “Stephen's Illness,” “Journal of the Plague Years,” and “The NAMES Project, San Francisco 1989,” p.16.


August, 1987. Christopher Street magazine. N.Y., N.Y. Vol. 10, No. 5, Issue 113. “Sunday Morning, New York 1987,” p.58.


Spring, 1982. Prism. (Lynchburg, Virginia: Lynchburg College) Vol. XLV, No. 1. Selected Poetry: “To Franz Wiederkind,” “Anatomy Lesson,” “For Annie Dillard,” “Poems for Marsden Hartley,” “Beat,” “For Bruce,” “In Memory of Viet Nam,” “Sometimes I Put on My Beach Sunglasses,” “Parable,   “For Georgia O'Keefe,” “Passage,” “Spin,” “Nova,” and  “Just Before Autumn” pp.1,11,12,18,21,22,25,44,45,52, 59,67,69 respectively.


Fall, 1982. The Piedmont Literary Review. (Danville, Va.). Vol. VII, Issue No. IV, 1982. “For Annie Dillard,”p.1.


Fall, 1982. The Literary Review. (Fairleigh Dickinson University, Madison, N.J.). Vol. 26, No. 1. “For Franz Kline,” p.119, “For Georgia O'Keefe,” p.120, and “Poems for Marsden Hartley,” p.121.


1982. Phoebe, The George Mason Review. (George Mason University: Fairfax, Va.). Vol. 11, No. 2&3, “Nova,” p.44, and “Anatomy Lesson,” p.45.   

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